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Concrete mixing plant and methods of building plant

[2015-03-18 17:20:18] Haomei

1 the host of mixing plant and feeding proportioning system should be set according to the project duration, total amount of concrete, and the daily dosage of concrete and other indexes, it is appropriate to meet the daily maximum concrete dosage; A production line is made of a mixer and related feeding material system; the general engineering can only set a production line, but a large and important project should be set two production lines, parallel arrangement, to ensure the uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project; a project can only set a batching plant, we can also set mixing plant according to the partition, or set a large type concrete mixing plant and set appropriate amount of concrete transport car, and we should also depend on the actual situation.
2, the field area of sand, stones should be large enough, which can satisfy the demand of engineering consumption, and can easily organize the feed supplement; sand should be stored by partition, avoid the wrong grade distribution caused by the hybrid material; the feeding is equipped with loading vehicle and sand were stacked neatly; the site should harden, convenient for loading and prevent dirt and other debris entering into the material.
3, a mixing plant is equipped with 1-2 pools, which must ensure the cleaning requirement of concrete mixing and mechanical. A production line should be equipped with at least two matched cement silos, and it is better equipped with three cement silos, which can use by turns and supplement timely. In this case, the demand of concrete production can be satisfied and the cement also can not be backlogged. Generally, the fly ash and admixture for large volume and pumping concrete are required, we should place them separately according to the site situation, ensuring appropriate to use.
4, as for the transportation way of product concrete, we can choose the way of concrete delivery pump. The transportation way is based on meeting the transport distance and height and the supply of concrete, and it is generally set before the mixer, and using the pump pipe connected to the pouring place; In addition, it also can be set near the pouring place, using the concrete transfer car to sent it to the concrete pump.