YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

Description of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

YHZS75 mobile concrete plant is a new type ready mix concrete plant, which put dosing, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and electric control system in one movable trailing unit. It is all the same as stationary batching plant to operate and maintain, at the same time, it can be overall mobile

YHZS75 mobile concrete plant pulling structure with running system and standard coupling pin included. It can be dragged by trailer. Without foundation and commissioning enables convenient transportation, the mixing plant can be divided into several standard modules, and then be packed into containers.

Haomei mobile concrete plant was especially designed to the users who have a short period construction engineering. It is the ideal equipment for projects that require frequent movement from one construction site to another, such as building, highway, bridge and other construction projects. Contact us for more information!
 YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

Main Technical Parameter of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

1、 Capacity: 75m3/h(under standard working condition)

2、 Total power consumption: 88 KW

3、 Aggregate weighing precision: ±2%

4、 Cement weighing precision: ±1%

5、 Water weighing precision: ±1%

6、 Additive weighing precision: ±1%

7、 Cycling time: 72 seconds

8、 Control mode: PLC, can operate on full auto, semi-auto and manual modes

9、 Mixed material discharge height: 3800mm

10、 Working dimension: 18.1m×2.5m×8.227m

Transportation dimension: 18.6m×2.5m×4.353m

11、 total weight: approximated: 27tons

Installation of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

General layout of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

Features of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

Stability from national standard structural steel. l Efficiency from twin shaft mixer and short cycle time. l Reliability from famous brand components. l Quality from accurate weighing. l Mobility from movable trailing unit. l Easy to installation-uninstallation and operating. l Quick to produce from our own specially trained engineers. l Easy to move from compact structure. l Easy to maintain from the best service and parts support. l Easy to clean from mixer with high-pressure automatic cleaning system. l Less foundation costs (80% less than stationary concrete batching plants). l Less maintenance and operating costs. l Less transportation costs. l Minimized concrete transportation costs. l Fast return on investment.

General layout of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

General layout of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

Please note of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

1. The total power doesn't include the power of cement screw;

2. Non-standard design could be made according to clients' demand;

3. The above-mentioned data could be changed due to the designing improvement, please check the updated configuration when purchasing.

Application of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant

It is can applied to various construction sites like road surface, bridges, dams and airport, and also like architectural workings, concrete product plant and commercial concrete production.


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