Belt type concrete batching plant

haomei Belt type concrete batching plant-The utility model relates to a kind of applicable to commercial concrete factories, buildings, railways, Bridges, and various kinds of concrete engineering in concrete mixing, particularly relates to a direct investment inclined belt conveyor sand aggregate type structure, concrete mixing station is a new type of mixing plant arrangement, whose character is: the end of the inclined belt conveyor is composed of a long straight segment level 2 meters, is advantageous to the sand and gravel aggregate targeting and conveying, along the direction of 20 degrees tilt, again a short flat inclined belt conveyor, bin and inclined belt conveyor in the same center line. This practical new sand aggregate direct investment inclined belt conveyor type concrete batching plant structure, solve the concrete batching plant covers an area of large, energy consumption, low production efficiency, small space, high productivity, the characteristics of reliable quality.

Belt type concrete batching plant for the upper structure is raw material storage hopper, lower for the weighing hopper, for unloading conveyor belt, at the bottom of the storage hopper used to store with the raw material, storage hopper bottom mouth below the right ingredients conveyor belt. Its principle: ingredients, belt conveyor start out of the material in the storage hopper to setting belt to stop, and then under the control instrument control, in turn, the configuration of several kinds of materials, materials to all configured, instrument control will start discharging belt material into the next link (such as mixer raise bucket or conveyor belt machine, etc.)
Users of such batching plant to reduce procurement costs, more want to borrow the batching plant weighing hopper to measure bulk cement at the same time, through the cement screw conveyor machine into cement mixture from the cement silo weighing hopper, generally not advocating the usage, because of cement liquid, will cause the weighing hopper and conveyor belt gap has a small mouth cement overflow, and cause the dust pollution or damage to the cement, if don't want to use this way must adopt trough belt roller, and a pipe mouth added a soft thin rim, in order to control the cement spillover

We offer belt type concrete batching plants with various sizes,Such as HZS60-60m³/h HZS90-90m³/h HZS120-120m³/h,HZS180-180m³/h Belt Type concrete batching plant.Contact us for more information!

belt type concrete batching plant Working principle:

Concrete batching plant has 4 main parts: Material feeding, Material measurement, Concrete mixing and whole plant control system. The working procedure of automatic control system is:
1. Turn on control software, login to operation interface;
2. Set or access working parameters of concrete production, such as recipe number, concrete grade, slump, total production volume, etc.
3. Start production;
4. The software/PLC will give signal to each part of the plant, to finish the material feeding, measurement, loading into the concrete mixer, mixing and discharging;
5. If there are some problems during production, the software will detect the error and light up alarm lamp on computer screen or indicator display, so that the operator can stop the production till problems solved.
6. Regarding to the material feeding, the various of electric motors, butterfly valves and load cells will work automatically according to digital signal;
7. High-pressure air system will provide enough driving force for each unloading gates, such as aggregate bins, butterfly valve of scale hoppers, concrete mixer discharging gate, etc.
8. The software will control the whole system continuously produce concrete till the set-volume finished production, unless emergency stop or turn to Manual style.

 belt type concrete batching plant

Main Technical Parameter of Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Type HZS60 HZS90 HZS120 HZS180
Productivity (square / hour) 45~60 70~90 100~120 150~180
Mixier Type JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000
Mixing Capacity (cubic) 1 1.5 2 3
Stone scale(kg) 1000 1500 2000 3500
Sand scale(kg) 1000 1500 2000 3500
Cement scale(kg) 600 800 1200 1500
Coal ash scale、mineral powderscale(kg) 300 450 600 800
Additive scale(kg) 20 30 50 80
Water scale(kg) 300 500 800 1000
Belt width(mm) 650 650 800 1000
Total power 130kw 170kw 220kw 280kw

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Features of Belt type concrete batching plant

1. Reliability: 10 years of experiences in manufacturing all kinds of concrete batching plant;
2. Adopt belt conveyor feeding system, without stop, high efficiency.
3. Double shaft forced mixer, excellent mixing performance with high efficiency;
4. Excellent environmental protection, dust collection system and anti-noise design.
5. Accurate weighing system (aggregate, cement, water, additive).
6. PC+PLC control, vivid display on the screen, convenient to revise, save or print the data.

Applications of belt type concrete batching plant

belt type concrete batching plant is the best choice for producing high quality concrete. Concrete mixing plant equipment is suitable for large and medium construction sites, water conservancy, large precast products and commercial concrete plants, etc..

Haomei HZS series belt type concrete mixing plants are widely used to produce various kinds of concrete including quaking concrete and hard concrete. This China concrete mixing plant is suitable for large or medium scale building works, road and bridge works and precast concrete plants, etc. Haomei Concrete Plant is a key gateway for exporting Henan Construction and Engineering Machinery all over the world. We have been one of the largest Construction Machinery trade and service suppliers now,We look forward to your visit.


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