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Professional concrete mixing plant equipment maintenance and maintenance

[2014-12-11 09:19:18] Haomei

Most users of mixing plant (mixer) has always been in the pursuit of high benefit, so the mixing station (mixer) under long term continuous overload, but neglect to the mixing station and maintained (mixer), although in a short time, has obtained the good economic benefit, but for the service life of the mixing station virtually with short-lived brand! Serious when even will cause personal injury accident! So henan lianhua heavy industry science and technology co., LTD experts are calling for the vast number of mixing plant mixing plant equipment using user must attach great importance to the maintenance and maintenance of mixing plant (mixer). Today we will talk about lianhua heavy industry (machine) maintenance and maintenance knowledge of station, for reference only!

(a) check the project before each use:

1, check whether the fuselage is stable.

2, leaf and mixing blade support arm connecting bolts is strong.

3, whether feeding frame joint bolt fastening.

4, pump foot, whether the line was clear.

The maintenance of the (2) after each use

1, clean inside and outside of the mixing drum dust discharging door, hopper, and rinse clean with water.

2, hopper parked on the transportation location, and the brake pin plug, inside the hopper can not have impurities.

3, blanking power supply, lock the electrical control box.

4, as appropriate for all lubricating points filling necessary lubricating oil (grease).

5, should be put out all water all rows in the water supply system.

(3) the weekly inspection items:

1, check the abrasion of wire rope and on its surface coated with a little oil, steel wire rope wear to a certain extent, should be replaced.

2, check the oil level of reducer, oil pump, oil amount, check the status of the lubrication parts, to the hopper inject oil paint wheel bearing and roller bearing.

3 to keep clean, water supply equipment, in order to avoid congestion, suction valve check cleaning again.

4, check whether the rocker arm stroke switches is loose, such as loose should be necessary to adjust.

5, check the blade connection bolt looseness, bracket connecting bolt whether appropriate adjustment, clearance between the blade and compared.in and necessary to tighten up to 5 mm.

6, check the situation of contactor contact electrical box.

7, twist open silting up, check the shaft end seal, make necessary adjustment repair and replacement.

(4) regular inspection items:

1, the inspection on winding ascension brake and the appropriate adjustments.

2, inspect the water pump, throttle valve, whether there is leakage phenomenon.

3, inspection on open gear grease and tightness of the belt can be adjusted.

4, check the blade, the liner wear situation, and take into consideration the replacement.