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The repair and maintenance of concrete mixing station

[2014-12-11 09:16:45] Haomei

In order to ensure the normal operation of concrete mixing plant mixing equipment, give full play to production efficiency of the equipment, for the maintenance and repair. For the main fittings shall be in accordance with the requirements of various manufacturers "instruction manual" for the maintenance.

1 per shift check project before use

1.1 check all electrical devices are safe and reliable (insulation conform to safety standards, zero grounding reliable), the stroke switch action is flexible and reliable, the signal line work is normal.

1.2 check the host whether there is metal inside the mixing tube, the fastening bolt of lining board of the blade, shall not be loose.

1.3 check the host lubrication pump working condition is normal, there is a problem timely repair.

1.4 check the air compressor self-preservation device is normal, the pressure is stable between 0.5 ~ 0.8 MPa. And in a timely manner to eliminate air compressor, air tank and the water inside the water separator, oil mist device add lubricant on time.

1.5 check the liquid storage tank (tank), and admixtures to keep enough in the solution, and the box in the liquid must be clean without sundry; Pump water cup is filled with water diversion, the flush valve is closed; The filter in the cabinet is obstructed, admixture reservoir in good condition.

1.6 check the sandstone reservoir scale doumen doumen, cement, fly ash, such as water, admixture scale doumen opening and closing is flexible and reliable.

1.7 check whether each weighing hopper in free state, the soft part is close, and no interference with other parts.

1.8 check whether belt conveyor running deviation, the roller is damaged, scraper and sweeper is normal.

1.9 check whether the screw conveyor to work normally.

2 per shift work after the maintenance project

Mixing console 2.1 remove debris and scrap, thoroughly flush the mixing tank bond. Blanking mouth clean cement and fly ash, sand and gravel blanking chute and discharging door near the residual material;

2.2 additive storage material in the liquid such as precipitation too much should be timely cleaning, clean and admixtures weighing hopper.

2.3 winter construction should be put in spite of water in the road. (pay special attention to open the butterfly valve water, prevent disc valve frost crack.)

2.4 the filling grease lubrication part. See chart 7 mixing equipment lubrication part.

2.5 put the air compressor air tank in the compressed air and water. Open the manual drain valve air filter, to the best of the separated oil and impurities. (which can be reference to KGL type filter operation instruction, the back pressure discharge method is adopted.)

2.6 start the cement silo dusting vibrator, will adhere to the filter on the cement particle shake.

2.7 keep a motor rain and flooding.

2.8 clean cement, fly ash, screw conveyor soft part accumulation of scrap, clean up the top floor sandstone reservoir hopper with dip Angle belt conveyor on the residual material near the interface.

2.9 disconnect the computer power and total power after downtime.

3 new use two affecting maintenance project

Whether loose host 3.1 stirring arm, mixing blades with liner clearance should be controlled within 5 mm, mixing blades and end plate gap control within the 5 mm, otherwise the fastening should be adjusted. For details, please refer to the mixer operation instruction handbook ".

3.2 all hoisting wire rope (screw conveyor supporting bracket) should be tighten again, check all the bolt, the transmission of the anchor bolt should be retightened again.

4 weekly maintenance overhaul project

4.1 check the coagulation condition of the residual concrete mixing tank, check the cement and fly ash on the blanking mouth chute material accumulation status, if there are any condensation, rooting out manually (note: to cut off the power supply, specialist care!) . Check the mixing blades and liner clearance, adjust the connecting bolt fastening and tighten the stirring arm on the shaft.

4.2 check the air supply three (2) within the oil mist detector of al pieces of whether there is oil, atomization is normal, whether the gas circuit system of leak phenomenon, each cylinder is normal. Check the safety valve, test pressure gauge whether security is accurate.

4.3 check the reducer in the lubricating oil quality and oil level height. (refer to random deceleration machine instruction and add or replace)

4.4 check each electric component in the electrical system for damage phenomenon; If there is damage to repair or replace, check whether all wiring loose; Check the limit switch action is sensitive and reliable.

4.5 washing line, the suction valve and check valve pipe fittings and admixture material storage box filter, cleaning liquid storage tank (tank) and liquid admixture box sundry and deposit to make it clean.

4.6 check the sand mixing tank vertical plate and side plate fixed between the wedge and the connecting bolt looseness, and loose if have be adjusted in a timely manner.

4.7 check the tightness of belt conveyor, if there is slack phenomenon, should be adjusted when tight device. Check belt and scraper frame and the gap between the sweeper, such as the gap is too big, be adjusted.

4.8 check the dust catcher canvas bag, wear if there is any change in time. Check the dust removal pipeline, such as has become clear in time.

4.9 check the other waterproof, breathable canvas is airtight or wear and tear, and clean or replace in time.

4.10 cleaning sand storage hopper and the weighing hopper discharge door, cylinder, solenoid valve of the place such as dust.

5 every 4 weeks maintenance project

1 check the modules, such as the main frame connection place, screw machine, belt conveyor, truss hoisting steel rope or supporting frame, etc.) of the connecting bolt is loose, all whether there is loose phenomenon, anchor bolt foundation subsidence phenomenon, if there is any modification in time.

2 check the dip Angle belt conveyor feed the clearance between the belt and keep-off plate at the bottom of the tank, if the clearance is too large, be adjusted.

3 check the host leaves and liner wear, and adjust the blade gap between the lining and within 5 mm.

4 check whether there is agglomerate or foreign body inside the screw conveyor, if there are clear. Through the material end aperture of observation at the bottom of the bearing seal lubrication situation, should replace the oil seal, if necessary to strengthen the lubrication.

5 check cement warehouse work, the indicator check whether the cement silo broken arch pipe work normally, warehouse top dust collecting dust collecting machine is normal, vibration cleaning machine if there is any loose for the connecting bolt, and tighten it again.

6 check the discharging door is closed in place, with and without leakage phenomenon, especially the admixture discharging door, affect the quality of concrete to prevent leakage. Check the butterfly valve is closed, whether closed tightly. If there is leakage, should be timely maintenance.

7 check the weighing hopper sensor is damaged, wipe with dry cloth dust.

Using standard weights check all JiLiangCheng.

Check whether the microcomputer and its electrical system work normally.

6 year maintenance and overhaul project

6.1 equipment operation for a year, in addition to according to the above maintenance project to conduct a comprehensive inspection, also deal with other parts to conduct a comprehensive overhaul, if there is damage to the necessary change in time related parts and components, components are strictly prohibited to run in spite of illness.

6.2 clean all reducer, replace lubricating oil.

6.3 replacement on belt conveyor cleaning device, replacing worn bag glue roller, repair or replace the conveyor belt.

Overhaul can assist with please our factory technical staff or technical workers.

7 mixing equipment lubrication part list

The serial number

Lubrication part

Types of lubricating oil

Filling method


The host reducer

See mixing console specifications


The host pumps and the material door bearing


Host unloading hydraulic cylinder, etc


Electric drum

46 # machine oil or L - CKC68 gear oil

New week new oil, after each replaced every three to six months.


Gas source triplet


Rust turbine oil HU - 30 (GB2537)

Refill once a week.


Air compressor

Summer winter 13 compressor oil, compressor oil, 19

Add oil to the ceiling, new week new oil, replace a piece every 3 months later.


Screw conveyor reducer

See the screw conveyor specification


Fluid mixing speed reducer

46 # machine oil or L - CKC68 gear oil

New work 150 hours to replace the new oil, once every six months to replace in the future.


The water pump

Machine oil

Add oil to the limit, once every six months to replace.


Belt conveyor roller bearing

3 # lithium base grease

Remove the daub, once every six months to replace


Screw tension adjustment screw

Modulation lithium base grease

Remove the daub, for the first time a week, normally for three months


Bin and weighing hopper doors axis

Modulation of 3 # lithium base grease

Oil gun betting, every 8 hours

Note: in addition to the above charging point, all by nozzle and do not make special instructions should be at least refill once a week.

8 in addition to the above maintenance overhaul project, should pay special attention to the following matters;

8.1 strictly implement relevant countries and region safety regulations, laws and regulations, etc.

8.2 on a regular basis for all lubricating points, pay special attention to stir the host oil supply of the shaft end.

8.3 check the measuring accuracy of scale by the regulation, maintain the cleanness of various scales and the sensor. Every time when using admixture scale, observe whether previous tank is normal, can discharge door closed in place, with or without leakage phenomenon, such as found that the problem immediately overhaul.

8.4 check the wear of the belt conveyor, timely replacement if necessary.